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Annual General Meeting 2020

Here you can find all the relevant details on the Annual General Meeting of RWE AG, which will be held completely virtually on Friday, June 26, 2020.

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Coronavirus pandemic – What RWE is doing to tackle the crisis

The coronavirus pandemic concerns us all. It is the global societal challenge. Together, we must do everything within our power to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

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We take our responsibility seriously.

Our CR report "Our Responsibility 2019" shows how we do this.

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The new RWE

Welcome to the renewable age.

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Coronavirus pandemic – What RWE is doing to tackle the crisis

The coronavirus pandemic concerns us all. It is the global societal challenge. Together, we must do everything within our power to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Now more than ever, power production, as part of the critical infrastructure, is of the utmost importance. We at RWE are doing all we can to maintain power production in our plants and thus contribute to security of supply. 

As an energy company, the vast majority of our employees work in our power plants and opencast mines. They are urgently needed to ensure continued energy production and they deserve our special recognition.

RWE has implemented key preventative measures for our workforce. Contingency and pandemic plans have also been put into action and are being constantly updated.

By adhering to the highest standards of hygiene and other safety measures such as splitting teams and shifts, we aim to protect our employees, thereby ensuring continued production in our plants. 
Wherever possible, our employees are encouraged to work from home.

For us at RWE, two things are paramount during this time of crisis: the health of our employees and maintaining security of supply. We will do everything we possibly can to ensure both.
Rolf Martin Schmitz, CEO, RWE AG

Our energy for a sustainable life

RWE has reliably supplied people and companies with electricity for more than 120 years – night and day. Many of us take electricity for granted. As well as the fact that it comes out of our sockets at any time. And we can, because power generators like RWE make sure that it does – with clean, secure and affordable electricity.

Our expertise – opening up new ways to save electricity

RWE is a trusted partner for electricity generation, building storage systems and energy trading. Together with our partners we develop innovative solutions and drive technological progress for our customers. In these times of transition, we all have the unique opportunity to help re-shape the energy supply for future generations. RWE is changing, its renewables business is expanding massively and is adapting to meet the new challenges posed within the existing business.

Products & Services

Tailored solutions.

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Customised sector solutions

Do you need sector-specific solutions? You can trust our experts.

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Project References

View our selected global project highlights.

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International, open, diverse – working at RWE

Whether in Germany or elsewhere in the world: as an RWE employee the opportunities are endless. Help us shape the energy supply of the future – working in an international, open and diverse corporate culture. Our employees take the bull by the horns. They are guided by our set of core values: trust, passion and performance. Our corporate culture provides our employees with the space they need to develop creative ideas and we love trying new things. We are looking forward to welcoming the 3,500 employees who are joining us as part of the transaction. They will make our company even more international, colourful and diverse.

Media and share price

RWE is set to grow. Our clearly structured portfolio is built on a solid financial base. For fiscal 2018, our external sales totalled 13.4 billion euros. We provide shareholders, investors and journalists with daily press releases and information about the share price.

Contact and services

Find the right contact partner.

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RWE in your area

Our sites at a glance.

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Publications in downloadable PDF format.

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