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Announcement of the Joint Feasibility Study for the Offshore Wind Power Project planned off the coast of Yurihonjo City, Akita

RWE Renewables Japan G.K. & Kyuden Mirai Energy Company, Incorporated

Areas in accordance with the promotion area (draft) indicated by the “Council under the Offshore Wind Promotion Law for the sea area off Yurihonjo City, Akita Prefecture (northern and southern sides of the prefecture)

28 May 2020

RWE Renewables Japan G.K.*1, and Kyuden Mirai Energy Company, Incorporated*2, signed a cooperation agreement on 23 April 2019 to jointly study opportunities for fixed-bottom offshore wind project developments in Japan.

We are very pleased to announce today that, based upon the above cooperation agreement, we have recently signed a Joint Bidding Agreement to enter into a full-scale feasibility study jointly undertaken by the two companies for the offshore wind power project planned off the coast of Yurihonjo City, Akita Prefecture.

We will proceed with formal preparations of the public tender to be organized by the central government based on the Offshore Wind Promotion Law*3, as well as the Environmental Impact Assessment filing process.

The two companies will work together, utilizing their respective know-how and strengths, to contribute to the expansion of an offshore wind power market in Japan and overseas, and to the realization of a sustainable society while gaining the understanding of local communities.


*1 Japanese entity of RWE Renewables, a leading renewable energy company in Germany.  The renewable energy business line of E.ON Climate & Renewables was transferred to RWE Renewables in October 2019.

*2 A group company of Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc., operates renewable energy business.

*3 The Act of Promoting Utilization of Sea Areas in Development of Power Generation Facilities Using Maritime Renewable Energy Resources. Based on the law, the promotion area for offshore wind power generation shall be designated, and businesses shall be selected by public tender.


RWE Renewables Japan G.K.

RWE Renewables Japan is the Japanese entity of RWE Renewables, the newest subsidiary of the RWE Group in Asia, one of the world's leading renewable energy companies. Following the completion of the transaction with E.ON, RWE Renewables has onshore and offshore wind farms, photovoltaic plants and battery storage facilities with a combined capacity of more than 9 gigawatts. The company has particularly strong capabilities and long-term expertise in the development, construction and operation of large offshore wind farms. With a total installed offshore wind capacity of 2.5 gigawatts, RWE Renewables ranks number 2 globally.


Kyuden Mirai Energy Company, Incorporated

Kyuden Mirai Energy Company, Incorporated is a group company of Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc. In order to realize a sustainable society and create a bright future, Kyuden Mirai is developing five major renewable energy sources (wind, geothermal, biomass, hydropower and photovoltaic) by integrating the Kyushu Electric Power Group's technologies and know-how related to renewables, human resources and other management resources. Currently Kyuden Mirai is also working on the commercialization of offshore wind power generation in the Hibiki-nada area of Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, the first open bid since the enforcement of the revised Port Law.


The Arkona offshore wind farm in the German Baltic Sea, which went into operation in 2019, is the latest offshore wind farm of RWE Renewables. The wind farm comprises 60 turbines with a total capacity of 385 megawatts - enough to supply 400,000 households with electricity.

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