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RWE Group

2019 key figures at a glance

We will be carbon neutral by 2040, with clean, secure and affordable energy.

    2019 2018 +/-
Power generation       billion kWh 153.2 176.0 -22.8
External revenue (excluding natural gas tax/electricity tax)       € million 13,125 13,4061 -281
Adjusted EBITDA       € million 2,489 1,538 951
Adjusted EBIT       € million 1,267 619 648
Income from continuing operations before tax       € million -752 49 -801
Net income       € million 8,498
335 8,163
Cash flows from operating activities of continuing operations       € million -977 4,611 -5,588
Capital expenditure       € million 9,838 1,260 8,578
Property, plant and equipment and intangible assets       € million 2,090 1,079
Financial assets       € million 7,748 181
Free cash flow       € million -2,053 3,439
Number of shares outstanding (annual average)      thousands 614,745 614,745
Earnings per share       € 13.82 0.54 13.28
Dividend per share       € 0.802 0.70 0.10

    31 Dec 2019  31 Dec 2018  
Net debt of continuing operations       € million 9,066 4,389 4,677
Workforce3   19,792 17,748 2,044

1 Figure adjusted due to changes in the recognition of revenues from derivated transactions
2 Dividend proposal for RWE AG's 2019 fiscal year, subject to the passing of a resolution by the 28 April 2020 Annual General Meeting
3 Converted to full-time positions

Transparency campaign

Energy mix in real time, current load, individual unit output: when you look at the ins and outs of daily electricity production, it is not as indicative as looking at the bare figures. To make reliable information on electricity generation of the Group accessible to the general public, RWE has been on the transparency offensive since 2007 to make this available digitally and free of charge for every user – on its own initiative.
To the generation data

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